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Our philosophy is to approach all relationships by asking the question “how can we be helpful?”. We strive to become trusted real estate advisors to all of our clients, both when there is a commission to be made and when there is not.

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Ken Fishel has over 30 years of successful experience as a broker and advisor in the commercial real estate industry. A Westchester native, Ken moved to New York City in 1983 after earning his Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University. He took an interest in the city’s complex real estate market and accepted a position at a large Manhattan firm. Over the ten years that followed, Ken’s passion for real estate grew as he developed a loyal client base and extensive knowledge of the local market. Ken was able to find hidden opportunities and used his negotiating skills to create favorable real estate solutions for his clients. In 1993, Ken founded Legacy Real Estate with the mission of changing the nature of relationships between brokers and clients, emphasizing trust and friendship above all. Always staying abreast of changes in the market, Ken works to find the right solutions for his clients and prefers cultivating long-term relationships over quickly closing a deal. As a result, clients not only return to him for brokerage services but consult him for all of their real estate needs.



Jessica has been working in real estate since 2004 and joined Legacy in 2011. Prior to her career in real estate, Jessica worked at Arthur Andersen, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Proctor and Gamble, and Pepsi Cola, where she focused on tax planning and restructuring strategies for corporations in the US, as well as working in the audit and financial reporting departments. In partnering with Ken Fishel, she was able to bring her consulting, accounting and tax expertise, along with her real estate experience to expand the depth and breadth of LegacyNY’s scope of services. Jessica is a native New Yorker, and a graduate of Pace University with a BBA, CPA in Public Accounting.

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Marc H. Mas has been active in the creative districts of Manhattan, finding great deals on office and retail space for a varied portfolio of businesses. His background in furniture sales and European and American real estate investments enables him to broker outstanding deals for his clients and customers. Marc's experiences living in several large cities such as London, Barcelona, and now Manhattan, afford him a world view which strategically positions him to see deals and find spaces for a wide range of International clients. Marc is skilled at finding unique deals and combing the market to present the most interesting and creative real estate options for the businesses he serves.

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