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Ferry to Brooklyn Navy Yard Opening May 20th

The new ferry stop will be located adjacent to Dock 72 and offer a new commuting option for both Navy Yard employees and local residents

The Brooklyn Navy Yard will get its own ferry stop on May 20th


Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed on Monday details about the city’s planned ferry systemexpansion which includes the addition of two new routes that will run from Staten Island and Coney Island, the modification of existing routes in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and adds the Navy Yard stop to the Astoria Route.

“I am thrilled to see that the NYC Ferry service will be expanded to serve the Brooklyn Navy Yard starting this summer,” said Council Majority Leader Laurie A. Cumbo. “The system will offer a great new transportation option for residents of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill to access major job hubs throughout the five boroughs.”

The new Brooklyn stop will be located adjacent to Dock 72, the Navy Yard’s new commercial building, which is expected to open this spring.

The Navy Yard’s newest commercial building is expected to open this spring.

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“NYC Ferry will provide a critical and convenient link for Yard workers as our number of sustainable middle-class jobs continues to grow,” said David Ehrenberg, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. “As we approach the completion of our largest expansion since WWII, new and revamped buildings are opening their doors to an exciting array of manufacturing and creative office tenants. And we know, many of them are excited to start commuting to work on the ferry this spring.”

The stop will be open to the public and not only offer a new commuting option for Navy Yard employees but also for the surrounding neighborhoods along the waterfront, including over 14,000 NYCHA residents.

“In less than two years, NYC Ferry has become one of the most reliable, affordable and beloved transit systems in the city,” said James Patchett, New York City Economic Development president and CEO. “The addition of a new ferry stop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard allows more residents to access both industrial and cutting-edge jobs at one of the city’s preeminent and rapidly growing innovation hubs, all for the price of a subway ride.”

The Navy Yard stop will be part of the Astoria route which includes stops at Astoria, Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, East 34th Street and Wall St./Pier 11. The route will offer 10-minute direct service between the Navy Yard and both Wall Street and 34th Street for $2.75 per ride, the same cost as a subway ride.


In May 2018, the city announced a $300 million investment into the ferry system’s infrastructure that will include larger vessels, a second homeport facility and improvements to the city’s two main ferry terminals, Wall St./Pier 11 and E. 34th St. On Monday, de Blasio announced an additional $100 million in capital to up the system’s fleet capacity, build new landings and invest in existing landings to support the expansion.

To date, with 21 landings across New York City, NYC Ferry has served nearly eight million riders, officials said. With the addition of the new routes and stops, the city projects that the ferry system will reach 11 million annual riders by 2023.

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